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Mom and litter mates

Welcome to JP Cockapoos

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We are overjoyed to share our love for the cockapoo breed with you. Cockapoos are a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Cockapoos are very loving, affectionate, energetic. They are also very adaptive to various environments and get along with other animals. Like all puppies, though, they love to run around, swim, go for long walks, etc, or they are just content snuggling up next to their owner! So if you can get them out into the countryside to stretch their legs you'll have one happy pup! Should you make the choice to get one of these lovable pets, there is no doubt in our mind that you will be overjoyed! Looking forward to hearing from you.

Call today to talk about bringing one of these precious cockapoo puppies to their furever home with you!

Available Cockapoo Puppies

Your new best friend could be here!

Puppies are here - August 12, 2023!

Puppies are here! Please contact JP Cockapoos for additional information!

Please come back to see weekly pictures of each puppy's development!

Meet The Pudding Pack

DOB: August 12, 2023

Past Litters

Meet The Hershey Bars

DOB: November 01, 2022

Meet The Stellar Constellation

DOB: May 30, 2022

Meet The Wakanda Warriors

DOB: July 08, 2020

Meet The Brady Bunch

DOB: January 20, 2019

Why Choose Us?

We are a small family who loves the cockapoo breed. Our every intention is to ensure that the puppies we are breeding are happy and healthy. Therefore, we breed responsibly and ensure the puppies have great temperament. We believe that others deserve the joy of having their next best friend in a precious, healthy, and lovable cockapoo pup! Our mom and dad pups have grown up with us and live in our home. They have been vet certified for health before breeding. So get your blankets, leashes, and cameras out so you can cuddle up, hike, and capture the precious moments with your new best friend!

Our Services - Coming Soon...

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Too busy to take your pup on a much needed walk? Don't worry, we have you covered. Give us a call and we can schedule that walk with your best friend!

Pet Sitting

Going to be at work for hours and worried your pup will be too lonely? Give us a call and we can schedule the day(s) and time(s) that we can pet sit for you.

Pet Daycare

Don't want your pup to be all alone at home with no one to snuggle and play with? Give us a call and we can schedule the day(s) and time(s) that you want your pup to spend with us.

Pet Appointment

Don't have time to take your pup to the groomers? Call the groomer, then give us a call and we can pick up your pup take him/her to the groomer and then bring him/her back home to you!

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Share Your JP Cockapoo Experience

Becca + Lea
Name: Greg
Posted at 2020-06-30 09:47:01

We are SO grateful for JP Cockapoos! Greg is just the best thing that ever happened to us. The best way to describe him is that he is ALL in for whatever we are doing, no matter what. If we are spending the afternoon laying around and watching tv, he's napping hardcore. If we're on a hike or at the beach, he is sniffing and exploring and digging holes. If we're out at brunch, he is charming everyone around him and hanging out under the table. Everyone who meets him falls in love with him, and he is GREAT with kids and other dogs. After a year and a half, he seems to still have his puppy coat since he is still the SOFTEST dog. Lea is allergic to many "hypoallergenic" dogs (ex: wheaten terriers, labradoodles), but has had no issues with cockapoos. Ketly was amazing to work with. We actually couldn't take Greg home right when we met him (unfortunately), and Ketly boarded him for additional time with no hesitation. We love continuing to update her on all of Greg's adventures! Long story short, we no longer live in the South Florida area, but will probably only ever get our future dogs from JP Cockapoos.

Talo + Steve
Name: Boodles
Posted at 2020-06-30 10:39:13

We had the extreme good fortune of discovering JP Cockapoos when Nalah had her first litter. Our 1.5-year old cockapoo Boodles has brought my partner and I tremendous joy. She is loving, smart, goofy, playful, and quiet - great for apartment living - and something of a local celebrity, as our neighbors adore her. Ketly was a wonderful host, welcoming us into her home for multiple visits ahead of our adoption date, allowing us to bond with our puppy beforehand. We cannot imagine life without Boodles and we have JP Cockapoos to thank! We cannot recommend this breeder or these dogs highly enough. Warm regards, Talo and Stephen